but I could have never been prepared for what was to come next... it was erie... as if everyone was waiting for the 2nd coming at any moment... as Micky fidgeted with his chords, my eyes floated around the kitchen feeling the great energy and Mana that was arising... the next two minutes I will never forget... chicken-skin upon chicken-skin. When the final chord was played, there was utter silence. I knew I had just heard a jewel of a song, but I knew what still had to be done. I told him, “Micky you have written the beginnings of a classic, but it’s not complete... it needs a chorus”. He nodded and smiled... he knew. I asked him if I could have a couple of days with the song to see what I could come up with. He graciously agreed. He sang it again and recorded it on a little cassette player I had brought along, just in case I was impressed with what I was to hear. That night when I returned home, I walked into my studio and began writing. The verses Micky had written were so stunningly powerful and moving that I was overwhelmed with the energy... the chorus was written in just less than 20 minutes... "How would they feel", In less than two weeks, Micky and his brother Randy along with a contingent of powerful local musicians were in my studio to record the song, along with “Peter Pumpkin”. It was to be a vinyl “45” or a “single release”.

I titled the song “Hawaii ‘77” because I was going to release it statewide on January 1, of 1977, under the group name “The Ioane Brothers”. [Click here to see pics of the original '45 single.] It was released...there was nothing... very little airplay, only on KCCN AM. Then it disappeared. Unbeknownst to me, in the summer of ‘77 a member of Da Blahlas, the late great Abe Keala, got together with Micky in a jam session working the song. The result was the birth of the beautiful and haunting line "Ua mau. . .ke’ea oka aina" Da Blahlas who were already on their third album at the time began singing the song with its new addition (Randy Ioane was also a member of the group). In a bizarre twist of fate on one concert in Kohala, a group by the name of The Makaha Sons opened for Da Blahlas.


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